Our work in DFK Finland is always concentrated on the customer which is the benefit for the customer. We are specialized in family- and other ownerled comapnies. We work with different foundations, associations and also have experience in listed companies. Different transactions like acquisition & buy outs, transfer to the next generation both in Finland and internationally are part of our know-how. In taxation advisory services we always strive to find a complete and most taxeffective solution. In auditing we deliver the whole package, statutory audit, special audits, auditor statements as well as different services related to valuation of a company. 


Our auditing services consist of statutory audits, special audits, statements and valuations and much more. Our goal in the statutory audit is to make the job effectively and to deliver more value to the customer. After many years of experience we have realized not to concentrate on non-essential things and not to strain the customer with audit bureaucracy more than is needed. Our motto is: everyone can make something easy difficult - an expert makes difficult easy.

E.g. trade register, traffic permission, TEKES, financial institutions, banks and other authorities usually demands auditors statements for different purposes.


We offer tax services e.g. tax planning so that our customer finds the most effective and legal way to carry out whatever is needed, whether it is a change of generation, an business arrangement, a transaction or selling your business. We also help with different tax processes e.g. tax inspections, appeals in tax cases or VAT tax reclaims. We actively follow the complicated tax laws to make it more understandable for the customer.


There are as many different transactions and reorganizations as there companies and entrepreneurs. Our goal is to find a suitable model for each situation and customer and in the end find a solution that satisfies the customer. Each and every of these are unique, and the goal is achieved after many steps. Different mergers and acquisitions transferring the business and other structural changes get the wanted end result taking into account taxation, the next generation, efficiency and the costs.


We also offer consultation on many levels of financial administration. E.g. setting up & shutting down a company, employment contracts and different projects both in Finland and internationally. Through us the customer can also get project management assistance.