About us

DFK Finland is an independet bureau which offers services in auditing, taxation, transaction and advisory services in Finland and internationally with over 20 years experience. 

DFK Finland

We are specialized in family- and other ownerdriven comapnies. Our expertise and experience also covers housing companies, international structures, foundations and associations.  

Different change of generation, mergers and aquisitions, due diligence processes are part of our expertise. 

We are located in the center of Helsinki.


DFK International

We are part of DFK International which is a international association of independent accounting firms and business advisers around the world. DFK International is a non profit organisation founded in 1962. It consists of over 200 companies, 412 offices in 92 different countries. Under DFK International works over 11 000 employees and each member is an independet legal entity in its own country. 

DFK offices

Through the DFK network we can offer our customers audit, taxation, transaction and advisory services around the world.